U.S. Army Spectrum Managment


As you might imagine, the Army is very interested in monitoring the entire spectrum – both to see how visible their transmissions are and to see what else is occupying the spectrum. I spent last week delivering training at the U.S. Army Electronic Proving Ground at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. It was especially interesting because this was my last duty station during my time in the Army many years ago. I provided user training on the Tektronix AWG7122B, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and DPO72004 50GS/s Real Time Oscilloscope to use for creating and analyzing wideband signals. When used with external software such as RFXpress, the AWG can create a vast variety of signal types, simulating everything from RADAR and cellular to wideband hopping radios such as SINCGARS.

Using a cool software offering from Tektronix called SignalVu allows a user to turn the wideband (20GHz) oscilloscope into a powerful spectrum analyzer. My training class included how to use these software options. 

Interestingly enough, if you need GPS timing and synchronization tools, EPG allows commercial sale/use of some of their products. Take a look at their online catlaog

As nice as my time in the sun was, I’m now back in Portland, Oregon working on my book, completing my entry for  a wireless design competition and updating my blog. 🙂

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  1. U.S. Army sgt says:

    Hi Louis, this is turning into a real mess. I might get better info from your blog than from our chain of command!At any rate, thanks for keeping up with this and remind others that test gear are NOT computers so don’t let the IT folks list as such or it’ll be really tough to use USB dongles and such. Avoid networking the analyzers to network if at all possible; I use ethernet cross-over to import data to my PC then share on the network.

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