Enhanced Wireless Features in iPhone OS 3.0

Update: According to the Apple website, ” Tethering is not currently offered in the U.S. and some other countries”.  Any thoughts on what’s up with that?

The much anticipated OS 3.0 update for the iPhone was just announced by Apple. As I mentioned in my post on Bluetooth 3.o and how apple is beginning to allow for more use of this technology to wit:

1. Stereo Bluetooth: Connect compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones, car kits, or other accessories. Previously only the phone audio could be transmitted form the iPhone via BT,  but now it appears music can also be streamed (disclaimer: I have yet to test this functionality, let me know what you find out).

2. Internet Tethering: Share your Internet connection with your laptop with Internet tethering via Bluetooth or USB. A personally much-anticipated feature I assure you. For a while an application called “NetShare” was available on the Apple application store but then it was mysteriously pulled. Safe to say, mystery solved.

There are numerous other features but, from a wireless perspective, these are the most exciting ones which show an ever-wider adoption of Bluetooth technology. More will be available soon according to Mike Foley, Executive Director at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) but I can’t say more until the SIG releases a public announcement any day now.

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