Making the Most of Your IEEE Membership

The Industry for Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) offers some great benefits, many of which are not well known or seldom taken advantage of.  If you’re not currently a member you can review the benefits and get enrolled at the IEEE website.


One of the newest benefits is called memberNet; according to the IEEE website:

IEEE memberNet is an online search and networking tool that allows members to connect with technical and engineering experts worldwide.  This tool can be utilized by members seeking peers who share a common technical interest, membership, or affinity.

In addition they offer some great insurance programs including group rates on medical; very useful for those of who do not have insurance offered through an employer. They also offer discounted life, liability and disability insurance plans.

For those of us on the go, the IEEE also has a great travel service through World Travel, Inc. that includes a “Lowest Airfare Guarantee” – how about that! It can be used for personal or professional travel by IEEE members. I enjoy not spending the hours checking airfares, hotel and car rental. Speaking of car rental,  you get a car rental discount at most major car rental companies as well, regardless if you reserve through World Travel or not.

There are a number of other discounts such as:

I invite you to explore them all. I have saved hundreds every year as a small business owner by taking advantage of my IEEE membership discounts, I encourage you to do the same.

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