UHF RFID Readers Safest for Pacemakers

April 11, 2010

Research was conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health on how RFID readers affect pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs).

The findings show that the readers in the LF band produced the most significant reaction; 67 percent of all pacemakers tested showed EMI interference from these devices at a maximum distance of 60 centimeters (24 inches) between the interrogator and the pacemaker. And 47 percent of all ICDs tested showed interference at a maximum distance of 40 centimeters (16 inches).

During HF exposure, an adverse reaction was observed for 6 percent of all pacemaker tests when the maximum distance was 22.5 centimeters (9 inches), and 1 percent of all ICD tests when the maximum distance was 7.5 centimeters (3 inches).

But the UHF readers produced no measurable reaction from either the pacemakers or the ICDs.

Read the full report by click on the link: RFID Readers Impact on Pacemakers and ICDs